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Author Topic: [x42] x42 - Feeless, PoS, Smart Contracts/Side Blockchains [Airdrops]  (Read 1356 times)


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    What is the x42 Protocol (x42)?

    • A feeless cryptocurrency that allows users not only to make transactions using the x42 coin but also gives a very large array of tools to the developer or entrepreneur that chooses to use the platform as a developing workspace and publishing service; x42 is a proof of stake blockchain that allows for the creation, distribution and decentralized hosting of applications, it also allows for the creation of side blockchains that can be edited to allow for any type of desired scalability through different block times, block sizes and near limitless usability in various situations at zero or minimal cost, these side blockchains offer a test network that any development team or even single users can take advantage to test and debug the most varied array of software types in a decentralized and secure manner.
      x42 Key Features

      • Feeless transactions
      • Proof of stake
      • Customizable side blockchains
      • Smart contracts
      • Control over DApps

         Coin Specifications

      Name:   ........x42 Protocol
      Symbol (Ticker):   ........x42
      Block Validation:   ........Proof of stake
      Decimals:   ........8
      Block Time:   ........~60 seconds
      Block Reduction:   ........550.000 (from 20 x42 to 5 x42, until 42.000.000 coins exist)
      Smart Contracts:  ........Enabled
      Fees:   ........0 (main blockchain), variable (side blockchains/smart contracts)
      Private Transactions:   ........Soon
      Pre-mined:   ........10.500.000 (25%)

        Coin Distribution

           █ Core Development 5.600.000 (13.33%)   
           █ Strategic Partners 2.800.000 (6.66%)
           █ Third Party Development and Partnered Exchanges 1.300.000 (3.11%)   
           █ Bounties and Airdrops 800.000 (1.9%)
           █ Unminted (75%)

        • Total supply: 42.000.000 x42 coins
        • Initial Coin Offering and Launch

          • Traditional launch, no initial coin offering (ICO).
            The x42 core development team and community are working hard, and the value is already observable, the coin price will increase and therefore we will not make an ICO, we want to reward the community by providing a higher PoS reward and bounties for that work. The x42 protocol is already online as of this post, it offers fully functional main and test networks.


          • Zero Fees
          • Transactions on the blockchain are a fundamental part of any cryptocurrency project, we felt that full clients getting the fees from side blockchain projects and smart contracts that give them good ROI is much better than charging for each transaction, that is without taking into account the staking block reward of 20 x42 until block 550.000 and 5 x42 units after that point; a block reward is given every 60 seconds. A developer that chooses to pay masternodes with what they feel is a fair share will get masternode support and as a community will get to choose what succeeds and what doesn’t. Non-profit organizations can choose zero fees for their contracts, and the community can host them knowing they are doing good by donating resources to them, while entrepreneurs can choose to run fees as low or as high as they want for their projects on side blockchains and smart contracts.


          • Exchanges

          HOTDEX ( -

          Stex ( -

          Altmarkets ( -


        Full node will no longer be able to process smart contracts or be a node for side blockchains.
        Will still be able to stake and use as an all-purpose wallet.
        Masternode will require the user to lock and stake 1,000 x42 to process smart contracts and connect to side blockchains.
        Private transactions and contracts
        Full integration with Breeze Wallet and Tumblebit into the x42 main blockchain.
        Blockchain application store
        A very clean and easy to use interface to download, upload, host and run DApps from the x42 side blockchains.
        Reputation system
        Full reputation system implemented on the blockchain DApps store
        Contract unique identifications and name registration
        Unique identifiers for each and every contract that will allow them to be listed in a much more organized manner.
        Contract auction house
        An auction house for said contracts, allowing users and developers to buy and sell running contracts.



        • A total of 450.000 x42 units will be distributed as bounties, the following list shows the division of bounties:
        • ─........ 250.000 (55.57%) Bug hunt and blockchain code improvements (paid accordingly to gravity of bug found and quality of resolution code delivered)
        • ─........ 100.000 (22.22%) Lightning network C# solution (complete code)
        • ─........ 50.000 (11.11%) Youtube and Twitter bounties (join discord for more information)
        • ─........ 20.000 (4.44%) Open to popular requests
        • ─........ 10.000 (2.22%) Wallet improvements (paid accordingly to GitHub commits)
        • ─........ 10.000 (2.22%) Language translations (paid accordingly to how widely used the language is)
        • ─........ 5.000 (1.11%) Reserved for users that help get x42 exchange listings (proof required)
        • ─........ 5.000 (1.11%) Website code improvement (complete code)
        Disclaimer: Subject to change

        Extra bounty!

        Beta test group!!

        x42 Core Development Team
        The x42 team is happy to announce that we are assembling a beta test group.
        Users that take part in beta test will help in the development of new version of the x42 fullnode and masternode wallets, every new released version will be tested by the entire group for the duration of the beta period.
        The x42 core development team created a new special bounty for this group, whoever takes part in it and reports the most bugs or/and improvements that can be made to the wallet will be paid:
        1st place – The user who reports the most amount of newly found bugs at the end of the trial period will get 200 x42 coins.
        2nd place – Second user who reports the most bugs will get 100 x42 coins.
        3rd place – User will get 50 x42 coins.

        The x42 core development team requires all users that take part in this special bounty to use the beta wallet provided for the entire duration of the test period, this test period can vary according to the amount of changes and updates made to the wallet. Bounties will only be paid when the new wallet version is released.

        Users who want to apply for this bounty need to post the following computer specifications in this thread (
        1 – Operating system complete with version
        2 – CPU, RAM and GPU specifications
        3 – Download and upload speeds

        Users are also required to include their Discord username.
        Any user with at least 1 x42 unit can take part in this bounty.

        Happy bug hunting!


        Partner airdrops

        A total of 350.000 x42 units will be divided amongst the first airdrop partners.

        REDACTED: 100.000 x42 will be airdropped to REDACTED users (this partner will be announced soon via social medias)

        Other partners will also receive airdrops, these coins will be divided between its active userbase.

        Bitcointalk: To participate in the airdrop that is happening in this forum you have to be eligible and do all the following steps:
        1- Be at least a junior member here at bitcointalk.
        2- E-mail your bitcointalk forum username and x42 address.
        3- Private message x42-ADM (the user who posted this thread here on bitcointalk) with a message confirming that you are entering the airdrop.
        First 15 junior or above members to e-mail with their x42 ADDRESS AND CORRESPONDING FORUM USERNAME will get 1000 x42 coins, 100 x42 to the next 50 users, 50 to the next 100 users, and 20 units to the next 835 users, totaling 1000 active wallets.
        Any user who does not do or qualify for any of these steps will be automatically excluded from the airdrop.

        Users who are members or above at our discord can also apply (even at if they are newbies on bitcointalk) if the ALSO take the following steps:
        4- Private message x42#2508 (on discord) confirming that you are taking part in our airdrop.
        5- Add your discord username to your e-mail information.

        The #x42 team has been so happy with the great community we are forming that we've decided to expand on the airdrops! There are giveaways happening several times a day on our discord! make sure to join!


        Possible Applications

        The x42 protocol allows for several existing and new business models to come to light in a much easier way than before with feeless transactions, side blockchains, smart contracts and much more. Some of the applications we are working on or hope to see eventually on side blockchains are:

        • ─........ Casual games like Ethereum’s Cryptokitties
        • ─........ Hardcore MMORPGs like Ultima and EVE Online
        • ─........ Map applications improving on platforms like Waze and
        • ─........ Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications
        • ─........ Voting systems, be those for small groups or entire nations
        • ─........ Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges
        • ─........ Remote control of small and large equipment
        • ─........ Upholding contracts via the reputation system
        • ─........ Smart power grid control and energy distribution
        • ─........ Allowing for the creation of entirely blockchain based communities
        • ─........ Businesses and government automation of various processes
        • ─........ New projects being launched in the form of a x42 token side blockchain

        In other words, the possible applications for the x42 protocol are nearly infinite, by using the x42 protocol you can decentralized basically any type of application, which will be hosted by masternode owners without relying on a central authority, therefore making it very resilient and allowing the creator to focus entirely on the development of the project.


        Public Service Announcement:

        All x42 team members will have registered accounts with an e-mail ending in



        Blockchain Explorer:

        Announcements in other languages:
        bahasa Indonesia:

        Any questions and inquiries about x42, partnerships or other subjects please contact us at:[/size]


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        Re: [x42] x42 - Feeless, PoS, Smart Contracts/Side Blockchains [Airdrops]
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