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Author Topic: 📢[ANN] ⭐HOTDEX ⭐A Decentralized Exchange ⭐  (Read 1425 times)


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📢[ANN] ⭐HOTDEX ⭐A Decentralized Exchange ⭐
« on: February 21, 2019, 09:19:58 AM »

A decentralized exchange made by Hotshot Coin Team

HotDex is the of top-tier crypto exchange. It is a  fast, secure and easy to use the platform as your favorite exchange so that you don’t have to miss out on any trading opportunities. We provide access to established crypto-currencies while also allowing you to discover and trade up-and-coming tokens and altcoins in a variety of different trading pairs.

Hotdex is built on the BitShare platform. So the dex provides a high-performance decentralized exchange, with all the features you would expect in a trading platform. It can handle the trading volume of the NASDAQ, while settling orders the second you submit them. With this kind of performance on a decentralized exchange, who needs risky centralized exchanges?

To know more information and meet with team go to our discord server:


HotShotCoin is a PoS cryptocurrency

Name: HotShotCoin
Short name: HTS
Algo: sha-256
Block time: 3 Minutes
Masternodes: No
Mining: +PoS
Coinbase maturity: 10 Blocks
Min stake age: 2h
Max stake age: 3d
Recommended confirmations: 10 Blocks
Premine: 1000000
Max supply: 30ML

Wallet Download
Web-based Wallets:
Windows Wallet:
Linux Wallet:
Website & source & downloads:

Where to buy/trade HTS:
HOTDEX Decentralized Exchange :


Description About Hotshot
Hotshot is an innovative proof-of-stake cryptocurrency,created to be the best POS coin, simply to use. Security,speed and support are our main aims. A unique opportunity that joins experience and a broad vision with highly competitive cryptomarkets. Under the supervision of professionals, we are proud to present you a new reality in cryptocurrencies.

Hotshot is an innovative project that aims to manage multiple services in an easy and safe way. We want to facilitate the user to interact with our services effectively and quickly. The HTS system allows you to exchange crypto currencies in our HOTDEX play in our HOTVEGAS casino or challenge Texas holdem champions directly in our poker room.

The skill level of online poker players in recent years has grown considerably It is increasingly difficult to be competitive and updated in this game. Hotshot works with a team of professional poker players who live between Italy and Malta with decades of experience in the field. HTS connects the Crypto with poker sport. Earn staking and earn the chance to play poker and try to win the jackpots from the tournaments, or take lessons in our school from our champions and pay in HTS, they will help you to improve your game.

To play poker you need a lot of perseverance and a lot of time and most people do not have too much time to dedicate. With HTS it is easy to buy a percentage of the BUY IN of your favorite player. Choose from the various players that make available their skills to increase your capital. Play with them and also win a part of the jackpot!

Over time, the hotshot staff will choose the best players on the platform to sponsor them as official HTS players Take part in the ranking to become the best player ever! Accept the challenge and become part of the champions. By becoming a pro team, thanks to the hts community you can take part in the most prestigious Live tournaments in the world. Malta, Las Vegas, Barcelona, ​​Prague, London, Nova Gorica seems much closer with HTS !!

HOTDEX API and BitShares Links

►►► Is HotDex a wallet or an exchange?
The Hotdex is actually both. If you had a password given to you, you’ve created a cloud account. If you created your own password, you have created a local wallet. We recommend creating a local wallet assuming you have a strong password. Always download a backup of your wallet to a safe place.

►►►What is the difference between Local wallet and a Cloud account?
Think of a cloud account and local wallet as essentially different types of ‘bank accounts’. The cloud account allows you to access your funds from any computer using your username and the generated password. Be sure you ONLY input your login information to the correct URL.
The cloud account offers ease of use whereas the local wallet offers superior safety as your account can only be accessed from that particular computer. The local wallet has been compared to hardware wallet.

►►►Why the wallet is not loading?
Check your computer clock and make sure it is correct. You can also try refreshing or go to Settings –> Nodes to select another node. If you’re using the web wallet, be sure you clear your cache to ensure you’re loading the newest version.

►►►Is Hotdex a Web-Based exchange?
Yes, Hotdex is a web based decentralized exchange.

►►►Is there any withdrawal limit?
No, there is no withdrawal limit in Hotdex.

►►►Do I need to backup my password?
Surely you should! Multiple copy is even better so that you won’t lose. And also make sure that only you have access to them.

►►►I lost my password. How can I recover it?
Unfortunately, there is no way to recover your password for a cloud account. You are given a computer-generated 45 character password when you create your cloud account, if you lose that password there is no way for you (or anyone else) to access your account.

If you’re using a local wallet you can restore your account from a local wallet key or brain key if you backed them up. If you did not do so, there is unfortunately no way for you to restore access to your account.

►►► I have my password, but I cannot login. What should I do?
If you use a local wallet, try to restore from your backup (.bin file).

If you use a cloud wallet, enter your username and password manually (don’t use the auto-fill function of browser).

►►►Are there fees for canceling orders?
Hotdex is built on the BitShares blockchain. Nearly every operation on the network requires a tiny fee in BTS.

►►►What is the trading fee?
Trading fee will variable from coin to coin depending on coin volume. (0.1% to 0.2%)

►►►How to add funds to my account?
Cryptocurrency fund is added via direct transfer to the address generated for you in the Hotdex exchange’s crypto wallet.

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